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Family Law

Compassionate Idaho Attorneys Help with Family Law Needs

Boise and Meridian lawyers handle divorce, matters concerning children and more

When you need help in family court, The Boise Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in Boise and Meridian, Idaho, can provide the representation you need with the care you deserve. Our experienced attorneys handle all family law matters, from adoption to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to divorce. We can also help you if you are dealing with a domestic violence situation.

Creating new family bonds with adoption

If you intend to adopt a child, it is critical to plan whether the birth mother will have access to the child and whether an agency will be involved. We help Idaho families select the type of adoption that is right for them, whether they wish to pursue a private adoption from someone they know, a foreign or domestic agency adoption, or a foster-to-adopt situation.

Getting legal help for child support modification and enforcement

Idaho law almost always imposes an obligation on noncustodial parents for child support. Modifications and enforcement of child support orders can be tricky and require experienced legal help to seek the best outcome. Idaho’s Child Support Services enforces child support obligations, but the department is often shorthanded and the wheels turn slowly. Our firm can help custodial parents seek a judicial order for wage garnishment or liens against parents who are not paying their fair share.

Assisting with custody and visitation arrangements

Custody and visitation in Idaho are handled according to what the court believes will be in the best interest of the child. Joint custody is preferred, unless domestic violence has occurred. Visitation, supervised or unsupervised depending on the circumstances, is usually awarded to any nonresidential parent. Grandparents may have visitation rights in Idaho unless there is compelling evidence that there would be a negative effect on the child. In limited circumstances, custody can be awarded to a grandparent who has a substantial relationship with the child and has been acting as the child’s temporary custodian. We can explain your rights as a parent or grandparent and devise a strategy to advocate for the custody and visitation arrangements you want.

Providing advocacy in juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings

Minors who commit crimes usually are tried in juvenile court, rather than adult criminal court. Juvenile court focuses more on rehabilitation, with alternative sentencing options and no option for a jury trial. Juveniles 14 or older who are charged with murder, rape and other specified serious crimes will be tried as adults, and even cases of minors under 14 can be transferred to adult criminal court in some situations. Once tried as an adult, a juvenile will be so treated in all subsequent cases. Dependency proceedings are conducted if the courts find that the child lacks any supervision or parental authority. Our firm advocates for juveniles and their families in these and other proceedings.

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The Boise Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in Boise and Meridian, Idaho, can help with your family law matter. Call us at 208-336-1145 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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